This is a web based solution for system management of care of children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). This can be used as web based registry for CHD cases across Kerala, monitoring the progress of program envisaged for management of children with CHD, identify the bottlenecks for implementing the protocols established at any point, understand the case status and response time for systems in place and ultimately the outcome of the program

As per the present system planned under ‘hridyam’ cases shall be registered from any location through web page by any target beneficiary using internet. The case will be notified to concerned DEIC of the district where the child lives. During case registration immediately on filling the basic information the child will get an automatically generated unique register number which will be used as Case Number for the particular case. On getting alert on case registration DEIC will check whether all forms are filled. On completion of registration (completing all five steps of registration and verification by DEIC) the case will be categorised primarily into category 1,2 or 3 and will be reflected on the table put in the dashboard.

Five Paediatric Cardiologist are identified across Kerala who will give the opinion on cases online reviewing the case findings, investigation reports including ECHO findings as video and seeing the patients directly in case if the forwarded information is not sufficient.They will categorise cases based on the diagnosis, clinical condition and urgency to do the case as per the predefined categories. Category 1 (a-g), Category 2 A (1-3) primary and category 2B (1-3) staged procedures and category 3 Medical Follow up, so that surgery dates may be fixed by the institutions. They will give opinion on individual cases and forward the same to SCTIMST or MCH Kottayam. These institutions will give surgery dates to individual cases as per the set protocol for each category.

In case if the paediatric cardiologist is unable to reach a conclusion based on the available data, the child will be called for a review and the DEIC concerned will facilitate the same. Those cases clinically sick and severe will be put in the category 1a class automatically and this will be done by capturing six current clinical parameters. After categorising these cases, Paediatric cardiologist will forward all cases to SCTIMST or MCH Kottayam to get dates for surgery. They will review the cases, Diagnosis put by paediatric cardiologists, documents available, and will give dates which is the earliest for them. The system is set in such a way that these institutions can give dates which are within the timeline specified under categorisation and the dates starts from DoB.

If the allotted dates are beyond the permitted dates, cases will be automatically referred to empanelled hospitals. All empanelled hospitals have individual login ids and they can see all the documents and reports so that they can allot the slots which are the earliest for them. All the empanelled hospitals will provide dates for any single case and the selection of facility will be based on the choice of family. This process will be visible to DEICs and State level admin. DEICs will facilitate the process of referral to Empanelled hospitals by coordinating with the family that includes getting the choice of family to go to which facility. Based on all these procedures state level admin will give a preauthorisation to the empanelled hospitals to take up the case with them.

For making public aware of this system and for easy informal communication a facebook page is started with name Hridyam, a separate what’s up number and a twitter account Hridyam Hridyam is established.

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